Certificates Programmes

» Certificate in Agric. Technology

» Certificate in Accountancy

» Certificate in Building Technology

» Certificate in Civil Engineering

» Certificate in Computer Appreciation

» Certificate in Environmental and Public Health Engineering

» Certificate in Office Technology and Management.

HND Programmes

» HND Crop production Technology.

»HND SLT (Biochemistry Option)

» HND SLT (Chemistry Option)

» HND Computer Science

» HND Accountancy

» HND Office Tech. & Mgt.

ND Programmes

» ND Animal Health and Production Technology

» ND Building Technology

» ND Civil Engineering

» ND Computer Engineering

» ND Electrical/Electronic Engineering

»ND Agricultural Technology.

»ND Animal Health and production Technology.

» ND Computer Science

» ND Science Lab. Tech

» ND Statistics

» ND Accountancy

» ND Business Administration and Management (BAM)

» ND Public Administration

» ND Office Tech. & Mgt.